Dan Ofallon
Dan O'Fallon

Mediation & Arbitration

As a seasoned District Court Judge in Anoka County, Dan O’Fallon brings his extensive decision making training and experience to the arbitration setting.

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My goal as a mediator is to lend my experience to the process, to encourage parties to engage in the process, and to assist them as they evaluate risk and weigh their settlement and trial options. 

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I have a substantive law background and as a result have become well-versed in the area of negligence law, civil procedure, evidence and litigation generally, both in state and federal courts.

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About Dan O'Fallon

In 2010, I became a Minnesota State District Court Judge in Anoka County.  In Anoka County, all judges handle all types of cases, a new rotation each week. Family and civil cases were blocked, and in my 9 years on the bench, I presided over 12 civil jury trials and multiple civil and family trials and substantive hearings.  Each case was a learning experience.

I took pride in diligently preparing each case, hearing the case, meticulously evaluating the evidence, and producing timely and thorough orders and decisions.  I was blessed with excellent law clerks during that time, and we educated each other in the substantive law of each case and the act of order writing. 

As a carry over from private practice, I did my best to master the facts, make abundant factual findings, and apply the law to the facts in a timely and thorough fashion

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